Honduran Wedding Customs

Honduras marriage traditions currently have a long history, seeing back to the 1400s. They will vary greatly, according to couple’s fiscal status and social background. Despite these distinctions, they all promote some common factors.


Religious ceremonies are usually more formal than civil nuptials and they are usually held in a Catholic cathedral. Often , the bride wears a veil and padrinos or perhaps godparents lead certain regions of the feast day.

Lasars, or 13 https://www.womenshistory.org/womens-history numismatic coins, are given towards the bride from her parents. These coins really are a sign of luck and success in the relationship. They are also a symbol of oneness.

The tying of the groom and bride with a lasso honduran girls is also a traditional part of the ceremony. This is performed after the promises are changed and that symbolizes their timeless union collectively.

Receptions are also a big part of honduran wedding traditions. These types of activities are lively and joyful and include music, food, gifts, performing and more!

These celebrations can be a fun way to receive everyone in the friends and family involved. They can end up being a great chance for people to present their love and appreciation for just one another.

Bale Boroon is a party that occurs prior to wedding where the groom’s family and the bride’s home connect with and discuss all of the crucial details of the marriage. This is a great approach to present the groom’s family for the bride’s family and make perfectly sure that there is a good relationship.

Lastly, “Mehrieh” can be described as promise the fact that the groom makes to the bride prior to the wedding to be a sign of trust and tranquility in the future. This is a traditional practice that can be found in a great many cultures, and it’s the opposite of dowry.

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