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But they are basic 4-5 page brochures and cover nowhere near the kind of information buyers want in the first instance, so they are generally ignored by serious buyers. When business purchasers need practical legal advice, delivered by sector experts, they turn to Truelegal. You want to be sure that you have an experienced broker as a single point of contact; someone starting a broker business who won’t be wasting your time learning on the job. Some are members of the International Business Broker Association which at least guarantees they will operate in accordance with a professional code of conduct. Here at Selling My Business we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you with regards to your enquiry.

  • Set up by Alex and Paul Dodgshon 15 years ago, we have a track record for selling businesses for what they’re worth.
  • A good broker will want to know as much about you and your business and goals as you do about them.
  • If you haven’t already got one get a system in place for producing accurate monthly management accounts prior to taking the business to market.
  • If we’re happy to go ahead, we’ll list your business in our confidential, off-market database and begin the process of finding a match.
  • Sovereign Business Transfer Our aim is to provide a first class service at a value for money price, so you the customer are completely satisfied with our services.
  • They should show a genuine interest in your transaction and convey a passion for what they do.
  • The good news is that any business that has opportunities or makes money will sell, providing you the owner are realistic.

This month we are sharing an article written by Terry Irwin at TCii Business Consultants and Acquisition Integration specialists. Whilst written for all business negotiations, it is particularly pertinent when negotiating a business sale. Rather than approaching negotiations as a mutual problem-solving process, most CEOs see it as…

Franchises by Minimum Investment

Like an estate agent, the broker prepares particulars, advertises businesses for sale anonymously online and holds the hands of both parties. Some hard-sell brokers pressure business owners to sign earlier rather than later and even provide incentives to encourage an on-the-spot decision. ​However, even the genuine, reputable brokers are going to have contracts that are drawn up to protect their interests not yours. So it’s a good idea to have the contract vetted by your lawyer. Bear in mind that these marketplaces may look like bustling hubs of activity but ​very, very few of the businesses listed here get sold! In 2017,, one of the biggest marketplaces in the US, got very excited that 9,919 businesses listed on their site found buyers.

The good news is that any business that has opportunities or makes money will sell, providing you the owner are realistic. The bad news is that this will take longer than most business owners think. We strictly do not recommend the use of any no-sale-no-fee brokers. If your business is too small to justify the fees for a proper broker, our advice is to sell the business yourself. If a business has been sold, the ad is generally removed from the marketplace or it’s prominently marked with a “Sold” sign. So we tracked all the ads posted by some of the mass market brokers in the UK.

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​Once you hire a business broker, the broker should take good care of your interests and the interests of the business. But till then you need to protect yourself and your business from the brokers themselves. Take your time to speak to several brokers to get a feel for how they do things and what they charge. All good brokers will be more than happy to give you a free initial no-obligation consultation or at a nominal fee. Analysis of policy data shows that the core platform contains renewal information relating to 380k clients and over 550k policies. This equals a ‘policy-per-customer’ ratio of 1.5, or in real world terms, only half of all commercial clients have more than one policy.

If you find it difficult to delegate tasks and are always double-checking work completed by other people. It’s only worth your time to get involved when those initial enquiry activities progress to something more serious. A broker who sits at a desk and doesn’t leave the office is less effective than one who get’s out and networks with other professionals. Breakfast meetings, lunches and seminars are not just an escape, they have a purpose. Your capital is at risk and your losses may exceed the value of your original investment.

Let Chelsea Corporate Help You Sell Your Business

Make all of the reasons clear to any perspective buyers and above all, don’t hide anything that could affect the sale. I suppose the issue comes down to experience and knowledge. Any potential buyer (well, one that’s doing due diligence) is going to want to go over your accounts in fine detail. They’ll want to see your balance sheet, profit and loss, all you records of sales and orders and probably more information than you normally have just lying around the office. This person is about to make a huge investment and so wants to make sure their hard earned cash isn’t going to be wasted. However, another company further afield doesn’t have radios, but it does have a major distribution channel in the USA.

Is broker business profitable

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